“After hearing a great radio commercial for one of my competitors one day, I had to locate the person who created such a unique advertisement – and that’s how I met Martin Baker. Fast forward 15 years later, and I’m still very proud to call Baker Communications my advertising agency of record. In recent months, Baker Communications has developed and implemented a very aggressive marketing strategy to take advantage of hidden sales opportunities for us in the metro Indianapolis market. As a result, we’re on pace to sell more than 15,000 cars this year, for the first time ever – and we could not have surpassed our business goals without the help of Baker Communications.
Ray Skillman – Owner & President, Ray Skillman Automotive

“We’ve been doing business with Baker Communications for over 18 years, and they’ve truly become one of our closest business partners. With their consistent, hands-on approach, they really understand our rapidly changing market in the Tri-Cities area, and they always keep us abreast of advertising and media trends that give us a competitive advantage. We’ve been completely satisfied with our long-term relationship with Baker Communications.”
Rick Hill – President, Hill Automotive

“Up until last year, we really hadn’t started to use social-media tools to grow our business, but we understood the fundamental importance of being a leader in this category. As the world leader in Acura sales, we’ve been able to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to develop strong connections with our large base of existing customers, and we’ve also begun to connect with new prospects as well – especially those future buyers who will have great purchasing power in the years to come. Baker Communications has provided us with social media content and strategies that have dramatically increased our followers and likers.”
Lenny Gonzales -€“ General Manager, Pohanka Acura

“We originally called on Baker Communications to create a series of high-quality, professional development videos for science teachers across the country, and they’ve constantly exceeded our expectations. Not only will this video library help change the way that science is taught in grade-school classrooms across the country, but Baker also helped us develop our marketing strategy to quickly launch our product in North America.
Rajeev Bajaj -€“ President, Sangari NA

“Baker Communications helped bring our vision for the campaign for the John Glenn Center for Science Education to life. Excellent work!”
Dr. Gerald Wheeler -€“ Executive Director, National Science Teachers Association

“We started working with Baker Communications in 1989 and they’re still our advertising agency. That says it all!”
Dana Robinette -€“ General Manager, Herb Adcox Automotive

“Baker Communications has done outstanding television production for us on both a regional and national level. Great work and a great group of people to work with.”
Nancy Wilson -€“ National Kidney Foundation

“We may not be Baker Communications largest client but we sure feel like it.”
Mark Baumann -€“ LNO Margaritas